Dump and dash: Cheeky street furniture disposal caught on camera

A motorist has developed a high-speed method for dumping furniture by using a trailer to scatter unwanted items in the middle of a Dunedin street.

CCTV cameras captured the motorist, driving a green Mitsubishi Pajero towing a trailer, swerving around the corner and into the street.

The furniture is not secured and spills out of the trailer and into the street, allowing the motorist to illegally dump the items, including a couch, without even slowing to a halt.

Hours later the vehicle returns and uses the same method to dispose of more rubbish.

The camera that captured the illegal dumping is the same one that filmed a French tourist defecating in the street earlier this year.

Business owner Nik Black said his CCTV cameras caught the motorist taking two trips down Vogel St to dump furniture off his vehicle on Sunday afternoon.

Black witnessed the first incident about 2pm.

”I thought he had actually picked stuff up from the ReStore [op shop in Gordon St] and was heading home when it fell off … but it turns out he wasn’t that interested in keeping it,” he said.

The motorist, driving a green Mitsubishi Pajero, then returned to the street about 6pm to complete another illegal dumping.

”It’s not the first time we have caught people dumping here. It’s just a different sort of dumping,” Black said with a laugh.

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