Wooden House



We are experienced in manufacturing Wooden House or Gazebo House in whatever size you want. Our team have an experience in wooden Houses manufacturing. We can manufacture your prefab of wooden house in the choice of Merbau, Bangkirai or Teak wood, depending on your choice. All sizes are welcome simply let us know how would you like us to build your wooden house, i.e. the kind of wood to be used, the size, roof used i.e. shingles or grass, shape, and we would be more than happy to draw your wooden house in auto cad software for you to decide should we go ahead and start manufacturing. Your gazebo house should be ready in 30 to a maximum of 90 days after down payment is fully paid.

Let me know which one you are interested with and we will send you more details, i.e. interior, size, price etc. We more designs than what you see on this page.



About Starwood Furniture

Starwood Furniture is located in Central Java - Indonesia. It has been contributing to the furniture industry since 1990. Offering the world, extremely durable and environmentally friendly contemporary designs. Starwood Furniture has paid great attention to provide unique solutions in wood world based on personal taste and architectural style. We have a reputation offering perfect wood accessories and customized wooden houses to the world from Indonesia. To meet every demand and taste, we develop furniture with different variety of woods which creates a perfect balance between cost and equality. Starwood Furniture has professional, creative team and dedicated craftsmen who create our original designs to suit the industry and special care is taken to build, indoor and outdoor furniture which last for generations. Starwood Furniture has catered to Hotels, Villas, Resorts, Apartments, Restaurants and we are the first to offer Wooden Houses to the world. Read More